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Dr. Kirsten Anley received her Master’s Degree in 2015 from the University of Johannesburg after completing her dissertation on the Effects of Pregnancy on Practicing Chiropractors in South Africa.

She has a passion for providing chiropractic care to paediatric cases and enjoys working with and educating pregnant mothers on how to optimise their own health and that of their baby’s during pregnancy and thereafter.

While at University, Kirsten was actively involved within the student body throughout her studies, representing the Student Chiropractic Council as Vice-President and later President. She was an active member of the University Sports Council. She also represented the University of Johannesburg in hockey and continues to play league hockey for Morningside Country Club.

Kirsten recently spent some time in Cape Town attending a seminar which focussed on optimal family health called “Well Adjusted Families” which emphasised and echoes her sentiments on family wellness care. Kirsten also went on to complete the “Well Adjusted Babies“ workshop which further sparked her passion in treating kiddies on a daily basis.

She has a keen interest in educating her patients on achieving optimal health through healthy eating, exercise and the effects chiropractic has on the nervous system and immune system as a whole. She has attended a seminar on “Nutritional Strategies for Musculoskeletal Function” and aims to integrate an aspect of nutrition into the dynamics of her practice.

Kirsten is a member of the Chiropractic Association of South Africa and has dedicated as much of her free time while she is new in practice to furthering her knowledge on family health care and optimal wellness.