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Chiropractors are sufficiently trained in treating joints other than the spine itself. In practice, we see an array of shoulder, hip, knee, foot and even wrist injuries, with a variety of causes such as slips, falls, twisted ankles, sports injuries and overuse and chronic joint complaints which seem to happen gradually over time or without an obvious cause.

An extremity assessment involving orthopaedic tests will be performed in order to determine the diagnosis and cause of the pain before a treatment plan is implemented to relieve your symptoms. X-rays or scans can be performed offsite if necessary.


  • Knee Pain (front, side or back of knee pain) with or without exercise
  • Foot Pain or numbness (pain in heel or arch, numb toes, history of sprained ankle, plantar fasciitis)
  • Tendon or Ligament Injuries
  • Gym Injuries
  • Pregnancy related joint pain
  • Growth spurts in children
  • Shoulder Pain in the front or side and unable to lift up the arm
  • Joint pain on specific movements or positions (walking up or down stairs, unable to apply deodorant, unable to pick up the kettle, can no longer sleep on one side, sore feet in the morning only)
  • Inability to perform a previously achievable movement
  • Clicking or Cracking
  • Inability to return to exercise after injury
  • Repetitive Stress injuries (shin splints, tenosynovitis or tennis elbow)
  • Overtraining